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    Question Odd statistics. Amazon vs. CJ
    I have a few sites online, some old, some new. Mostly with datafeeds and trying to add content periodically which seems to work. BTW, thanks ABW, I have spent countless hours reading this forum

    The strange this is this;

    - With CJ datafeeds and banners on 4 sites, though only 2 of them are really active, this year I had a total of 4,075 clicks to merchants sites... And 1 sale.

    - On another niche site, this one brand new and more specific, I use datafeeds and direct links from Amazon.
    It hasn't been online for two months yet. Total of 78 clicks to Amazon, and 3 sales.

    I don't know what to think, it's strange.
    Or CJ merchants are not tracking correctly, or the quality of those 4 sites is crap compared to the one using Amazon.
    Or showing an Amazon link is a big plus compared to linking to other merchants. Too bad because comissions are not so good with Amazon.

    Anyone with this kind of statistics? Is that hard to convert with other merchants that are not Amazon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by federicar View Post
    - On another niche site, this one brand new and more specific...
    Probably is your answer right there.

    Brand new (less than two months old). The Google likes to index brand new sites and place them higher in the SERPs - for about 6-8 weeks.

    They do this for a couple of reasons. To test the potential popularity of your pages by testing bounce rates, etc. After the 6-8 weeks, many new sites will fall into the sandbag mode. The Google does this to test if you will add new content and keep the site up-to-date. They also do it to rip your heart out. You get very excited about all this new found activity to your site - The Google pulls the plug on your traffic. This is where many new sites freak out and start thinking - "Maybe I need to do some PPC". This is why the SERPs are flooded with gibberish dot info domains registered privately, or from some country in Eastern Europe or Asia. They know the game. Just keep feeding cookie cutter NEW sites to the Devil.

    Hook, Line, and SINKer.

    Also, being more specific is probably why you are converting better during this short time frame...
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    I have suffered the sandbox effect on other sites, this one has a slightly going up curve since I put it online.
    I don't know, maybe it's because I learned from my previous mistakes on the others.
    But it's not like I'm selling super-niche sky rockets on this one. It's sports related, and the other ones are about fashion and jewels/watches.

    I'll keep checking the stats.

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