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    Trying to select an affiliate marketing program
    Is anyone familiar with SFI affiliate marketing? They have an A+ rating with the BBB and their program so far seems interesting, but I'm trying to get some opinions before I complete my registration and give them my SS# (for payments, taxes, and the IRS)
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    I spent 10 seconds on their home page and know that I would never have anything to do with them.

    Listing their affiliates by name on their home page? You've GOT to be kidding. Total Lack of credibility.

    Also, I would NEVER give my ssn to any network or other outside entity. Get an EIN from the IRS and use that for registration with any network.

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    Many years ago, before I actually found out about the distinctions between affiliate marketing and "network marketing," i.e., MLM, I signed up for SFI.

    They immediately sent me a cookie-cutter website for free. (I was overwhelmed with excitement that a company would GIVE me a website!) They also immediately sent me the name, phone number (I think), and email address of my "Team Leader."

    I don't actually think I spent any money, or at least very little, on the whole deal. I never made a dime and had no way of knowing whether anyone went to my website. I don't remember any "products" we were selling. I remember really very, very little of the whole thing.

    I finally just let the whole thing fade away. Technically, I'm probably still a "member" and could access their site with login info if I had kept it. Can't find the info anywhere and it was several computers ago, so I doubt I have it. I'm almost tempted to go to their site and see whether I can get a new password/user ID/whatever, just to see what they're up to these days.

    I will say this: They seemed from my memory of them to be honest people, just not really affiliate marketing people -- MLM instead.

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    Try signing up with some of the more reputable networks who have boards within the forums you visit and are active on them. Always a good place to start when you know you can get in contact with someone from the team.

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    Thank u for your honest reply I am a member of sfi affiliate marketing (newbie under two weeks) and it has grown to over 5 million members but the only way I believe you'll make money is if you get alot of affiliates that are determine to make money under you or more like a select few so I read in an article.

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