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    Help! GAN Account disabled

    I'm the webmaster of [url removed] and few days ago, my GAN account has been disabled

    Please be advised that your Google Affiliate Network account has been disabled as a result of non-compliant activity. Effective immediately, all
    links are inactive and you will no longer earn commissions from our

    If you have any questions, please see our program terms and policies:

    Affiliate Network - Google: Terms and Conditions
    Affiliate Network - Google: Program Policies

    For more information, please visit our Help Center at
    I'd like more information about a policy notification I received. - Affiliate Network Help

    Network Quality Team
    Google Affiliate Network
    I tried to contact GAN and submitted an appeal to figure out what I have done wrong but got NO response at all.

    Could you guys tell me how to fix my website and get my GAN account reactivate.

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    I have the exact same problem. We sent traffic. Everything works. Sign up is real. Even the advertisers themselves seem happy.

    Then account disabled. No reason given. They just say I broke some TOS. Which one? Who knows.

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    This is definitely a challenge.

    I am working some Publishers now to resolve the same situation. I know Google is a little slow on the response, but should come through.

    As I get more details on the best way to resolve this, I will share with everyone here. In the meantime, contact one or more of the Advertisers you were working with and see if they can assist you on their end.

    That is what I am doing.

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