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    Yup in NYC it's the law to tip

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    from websters:
    Gratuity -something given VOLUNTARILY or beyond obligation usually for some service;

    Oh well, the bad pub will cost them 100 times the loss of one tip

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    They should have raised the price of the food and printed on their menu "No Tipping Required Here".

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    The restaurant owner needs to take a serious look at the food he serves, and the service his customers receive. Even obnoxious groups normally leave good tips, if the food and service are good.

    And I agree, the bad PR his restaurant will get over this will not be helpful to his business.


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    What really bothers me is how the police force can arrest you before the dispute is settled. IMO if you are going to arrest me than you have to arrest the owner as well. Being arrested is a punishment. If you've ever filled out an application for work they ask you if you've ever been arrested and discriminate against you if you say yes. If you tell strangers, friends or family you were arrested they think you are low life. Our criminal justice system sucks!

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    It's not the law to tip in NYC. What's this? Another urban legend getting started? You don't have to leave a tip anywhere unless it's included on the bill and stated that it will be included before you order, which it was in this case. Then it's against the law anywhere not to pay the entire bill tip included.

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