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    Summary of newbie progress/Advice to others.
    Hello again, Zootman here. Well what a ride! In short let me say that my affiliate site set-up has been a multi-faceted crashcourse in all aspects of business. Sometimes it makes my head spin there is so much going on. My site has been live for three months, traffic is OK (i think) 200+ a day. Click throughs are slim and conversions are nil. At times, frustration rules but optimism ultimately prevails. I guess I am settling in, evaluating, evolving and constantly learning. I am writing this because I feel I have something to relate to other newbies or more importantly to those just strapping in and setting off. Its fun, creative, and thought provoking but not easy. At least my experience hasn't been. ABW is an amazing source of info, USE IT! That being said, advice is one thing, experience is infinitely more valuable. Try different things, take a swing (If your like me.... it will be many swings). In terms of your site, remember this: Just because you built it DOES NOT mean they will come. I like to think of the internet as a thousand lane expressway, I gotta make em want to stop driving and poke their head into my store. Easier said than done. Anyway, just thought I'd wax philosophical about my affiliate experience. I welcome other's thoughts, revelations, and, anything else worth contributing. Thanks

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    You don't have enough posts to get a PM, but if you want me to take a look at your site lemme know at billy at billykaymusic dot com


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    Hi Zootman,

    If you are getting 200 per day after just three months you must be doing something right, after 14 months my best site is only getting 1,600 a month and I thought I was doing ok.

    You will get there and when that first cheque comes believe me it is celebration time.

    Best of luck
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    Bad info
    Sorry folks I was misinterpreting some data and being way over optimistic. After sorting through some misunderstandings, I am not even close to 200 visitors a day. Sorry to be misleading. Totally unintentional. Quick question however, I had moved my blog off site for easier remote editing. I have been given the guidance to bring it back on-site to get more credit for content. Should I shut down my off-site blog page( same posts) or keep it up and running. I do not want the search engines to penalize me for duplicate content (although it is all my own content). What do you think? My off-site blog had ok traffic.

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