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    How do I set up website to sell ebook?
    I've written an ebook and I would like to sell it on my website. I'm thinking I want to create a website for the ebook itself with a sales page and then a link to order, but i'm very confused about how to set up my website to start selling the ebook.

    I'd like to register the ebook to have affiliates on clickbank market it but I don't understand how to set up payments, apply an affiliate program to the payments, process the orders, get the ebook to the people that purchase the orders, etc. Is there a program that does all this for you?

    I guess, what do I need to do in order to start selling my ebook?

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    When I sold my ebook I used DLGuard. It accepts payment via paypal (you set the price) and generates an auto-expiring download link to your book.

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    If you have a great keyword phrase in your title that gets searched a massive # of times, Amazon can help you short-cut to the 1st page, for sure...

    Personally, I took the rout of building a WordPress site with an ecommerce plugin that can also link up with Clickbank and then built a big social media platform around it while publishing like crazy to the site to build up organic search traffic at the same time.

    Absolutely works, but configuring plugins and tweaking themes is not for everyone... But I enjoy being hands-on.

    If you want a managed service, eJunkie can allow you to sell your book from your site and through clickbank.... E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods I checked them out in the research phase and decided I didn't want to pay them a piece of every sale...

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