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    Hi All, I took over a forum from the previous owner about a year ago. I'm working on a site migration / updating and trying to understand how the datafeed works. I'm rebuilding the site on a CMS (WP). Any examples on the best way to handle this?

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    Thanks for the post/question. Datafeeds are database files that contain the product inventory of merchants in our network. We generally update these daily, in certain situations more often. In order to integrate and publish a feed to HTML you will likely need to have some programming experience.

    There may be some plugins that can help in terms of publishing product feeds via your wordpress CMS, but I am not familiar with any. I do know the previous owner of AlpineZone utilized our web service datafeed script/merchant to publish feeds.. but this different from working directly with the raw data files, and quite a bit more limited in terms of what you can do with the data.

    As I am not a programmer, I am not going to be any help here with technical questions as they relate to raw datafeed files. While working through this, if you have questions, you'll want to either submit a ticket via your acct interface or email

    Also there is a good dedicated category here at ABW for Datafeeds & programming, so you could search that category for answers or start a discussion there with questions, etc.

    Hope this helps!

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