We’d like to let everyone on A Best Web know about Funsational one of our newest Advertisers!

Funsational knows that turning a party into a memorable event isn’t just about the food or the decor, it’s about the fun and stories that guests take away after the party is over. It’s about the games. With over 750 party games; over 500,000 party hostesses; and over 10 million games sold in over 110 countries; we are the Experts of Game-ology!

Customers can choose from the DIY Print and Play Games as well as the Premiere Games that are delivered right to their door.
When you join the Funsational program, you'll have immediate access to great creative that'll round out that fourth quarter hump!

Check them out in the Publisher Dashboard now!

If you sign up before July 1st, 2012 Funsational is offering 45% (printablegamesatoz.com) and 15% (funsationalshoppe.com) commissions as a sign up incentive!

FunsationalShoppe.com Highlights:
• All of our games are FunsationalShoppe.com exclusives
• 10% baseline commissions
• 90 day cookie
• Product data feed available
• Over 60 products

PrintableGamesAtoZ.com Highlights: Includes all sites ending in "gamesAtoZ.com"
• All of our games are PrintableGamesAtoZ.com exclusives
• 30% starting commission with the opportunity to move up to VIP commissions
• 90 day cookie
• Product data feed available
• Over 600 products
• Monthly prizes to the top affiliate of each commission tier

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