We are pleased to announce the addition of Cheapflights on the Webgains USA network.

Cheapflights USA
Earn money by offering your users some of the best flight deals around. It's simple to join the Cheapflights USA affiliate program and best of all, it’s FREE.

How does it work?
Add a Cheapflights creative to your website.
Choose from banners, search boxes and integrated booking engines.
Earn money every time a user clicks through to one of our partner deals on the Cheapflights USA website. We track transactions from your site, and pay you a fixed fee for every selection.

What will you earn?
Cheapflights pays out a flat fee of $.22 every time a user clicks on a partner offer. With typical conversions of over 100%, it is common for multiple payouts to be earned from a single user. Therefore, Cheapflights can compensate up to 3 conversions per visit to the site. Please note however, all leads will be monitored for authenticity. The Cheapflights US program has a session cookie meaning the user will need to convert within the same session.

Why choose the Cheapflights US Affiliate Program?
Cheapflights is one of the most experienced travel companies in the sector. We work with over 300 trusted travel brands who send us over 4 million new flight deals each day, ensuring Cheapflights always displays the lowest prices.
  • Travel is the largest e-commerce retail category – compliment your website by offering flight search functionality
  • Simple integration – easily integrate the Cheapflights affiliate program with your website. Start earning within minutes of signing up
  • Choose from various different creative types and sizes, ranging from banners to search boxes and booking engine widgets, allowing you to select those that best suit your website

Terms and Conditions
Coupons and Promotional Codes
Affiliates are not allowed to use coupons or promotional codes unless given the authorisation by Cheapflights. If you have a discount / voucher code site, please contact the Webgains account manager (swright@webgains.com) to discuss ways of working together.
Keyword Policy
Please note, the Cheapflights US program has a closed PPC policy. Affiliates are asked not to use the display URL "www.cheapflights.com" or "www.cheapflights.co.uk" for any PPC advertisements in all search engines (including brand or generic terms) unless you have been given permission by the merchant or the account manager. Affiliates are allowed to use their own display URLs to bid on generic terms. However affiliates are still not allowed to bid on brand terms including misspellings and variations. This applies to all search engines.
Incentive Sites
Please be aware that although incentive sites can promote the Cheapflights US program, they cannot offer cashback to their users.
Traffic from outside the US
With our affiliate program we are interested in publishers driving US traffic only. All traffic outside the US will not be accepted. If you are an affiliate that resides outside the US but can send US traffic, please contact the Webgains account manager (swright@webgains.com) to discuss further.

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