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    Update to Publisher Code of Conduct

    Since the release of the Web Publishers’ Code of Conduct on December 10, 2002 it has been amended to include a “Definitions” section for added clarity. Since the Code’s release we have verified that the majority of our publishers are in compliance, or in the process of becoming compliant, with its guidelines. We are currently in the process of removing from our network any publisher who has been deemed out of compliance with the Code of Conduct. If your program is affected by any of these actions, you will be contacted directly by Client Services.

    Read the Code of Conduct

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    Yes, the updated COC in published at CJU on CJ. The change to the COC is below:

    A Publisher Link is a link to an Advertiser where an active affiliate relationship exists with one of the undersigned affiliate service providers and that:

    Links to any of the following domains:


    Contains a parameter named 'afsrc' set to any value.

    This 'afsrc' parameter option is provided to address the case where affiliates modify or mask the links provided to them from the affiliate service providers and it becomes impossible to determine that they are affiliate links based on their appearance.

    The bolded is what was added. All other content of the COC remains the same from the first release on Dec 10th.

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