The Hotel San Remo in Las Vegas has decided to re-invent
itself and change into the Hooters Casino Hotel, after
signing a management deal with the Hooters restaurant chain.

The Top 20 Features of Hooters Hotel and Casino

20. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is sponsoring a groping contest. Only problem is no one can get him to stop demonstrating how it is to be done.
19. "And would Mr. Smith like to choose a bellhop or two to show him to his room?"
18. Room amenities include shampoo, sewing kit and "alibi talking points" for husbands/boyfriends.
17. Newest poker fad: Texas Squeeze 'Em.
16. Family-oriented atmosphere. (Hefner, Flynt and Guccione families only)
15. Your odds at the tables are about the same as your odds with your waitress.
14. Dancers in the hotel's Risque Revue are more modestly clad than the croupiers.
13. Instead of black or red, roulette tables let you place bets on "real" or "fake."
12. Complimentary greasy hot wing on your pillow at night.
11. "Half-Off Night" -- when the cocktail waitresses all have wardrobe malfunctions.
10. A "Cooling-Off Room" featuring Linda Tripp reading poetry.
9. Slot machines galore, but nary a cherry to be found.
8. Commonly heard at *every* gaming table: "Hit me. Ohhhhh, yes, hit me!"
7. The bouncers are simply amazing.
6. Guy at the craps table yelling, "Seven! Come on, seven! Daddy needs a new pair of undershorts!"
5. Their slogan: "We've got the loosest sluts in town!"
4. Great laughs to be had watching stunned Harry Potter fans drawn in by the giant owl out front.
3. Now in the Hooters Theater: Cirque du Soleil's "Ho!"
2. Cries of "Snake-eyes!" have less to do with dice and more to do with tank tops and air conditioning.

and Number 1 Feature of Hooters Hotel and Casino...

1. Siegfried and Roy are no longer the biggest boobs in town.