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    SMS: Let Me Draw You A Picture: The Illustration Infographic
    Search Marketing Standard has just published the following:

    Let Me Draw You A Picture: The Illustration Infographic

    Many of the infographics you probably have seen have taken on layouts with numbered lists of factoids weaved in and around some numbers and graphs, or timelines where information is spread out under multiple date and year labeled headings. Also, the colorful pictures you see pertaining to the infographic are those that others have created with computers and mathematical equations, and are important factors when adding that extra spice to the custom illustration.

    For this type of infographic a little extra expertise and elbow grease goes into the creation process. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome, the custom tailored infographic. This layout is superb when you want to create something visually specific. Creating custom graphics from scratch can take a significant amount of time; however, for infographics such as this one it can be more beneficial and convey the information in a more appealing manner.

    This particular illustration was used in a “compare/contrast format” infographic and is great for those who like to eyeball the edges, comparing what is least preferred to its most preferred counterpart. For instance, when you see that 40% of women would rather have a non-smoking man, you immediately know what percentage wants a men that like their smoke breaks. Or when you see that women are looking for those soft blue or brown eyes, you have to know that black and grey aren’t going to cut it.

    So without further ado, we bring you the “illustration infographic”.

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    I am pretty sure many people doesn't know about Piktochart- Infographic & Presentation Tool..

    It is a free site for infographic production. This is not my site, i am not their affiliate and this is no spam
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