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    MSN Adcenter New Interface
    First, with the recent reorganization, I have NO IDEA where to post this, so I picked Midnight Cafe. There must be a better sub-forum, so Mods please move it.


    The new MSN Adcenter interface SUCKS.

    Subtle changes (other than design, aesthetics) but they wreck havoc with USABILITY.

    Most of all, why did they have to disrupt the order of campaigns? No idea where anything is; use to be active campaigns were all at the top, but NO MORE - now all mixed in with paused campaigns & have to go through several pages to see all active campaigns even if only have a few active.
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    Noticed the new interface too. Don't seem like too much difference then before. I actually like the default "sort by alphabetical order" setting. Just click on the "active" tab on top and you will see all active campaigns first.

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    Searching for Ad Groups is difficult as well. Gone is the handy account-wide search bar at the top and now you have to know which Campaign the Ad Group is in before you can execute the search.

    Can you imagine if bing users had to select which site they wanted to see results from before it would let them search... Frustrating to see the usability take a step backwards.

    Then again, I complained about new AdWords interface when it first came it too, and it's miles better than the old one. So I guess time will tell.
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