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    ABestWeb vs Google Affiliate Product Forum
    Hey all,

    GAN Publishers - do you like using, or do you use, the Google Affiliate Product Forums?

    Trying to find the best resource for interacting with Google Affiliate Network Publishers. I like ABestWeb, and it appears this may be the best option. I know there is a lot more feedback and information being shared here.

    Thanks ABW.

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    Did not even know such a thing existed.

    Or I use to know and forgot. In that case, it must have been useful and memorable.
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    Never heard of it. Just searched it, are you talking about Google Affiliate Network Forum?

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    Never heard of it either...
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    Yes - I think it is also called the Google Affiliate Network Forum.

    I was not aware of it either, until I saw it being posted as a way of communication with GAN affiliates and promoting a Merchant.

    I think it is very out of sight, out of mind.

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