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    The Abyss of a Program that is Target
    A while back, I was doing really well with Target. They had a great commission structure for the niches I promoted, and despite a lack of communication and the basic difficulties with the GAN interface and link-creating methods unique to Target, sales were pretty good.

    In the last year or so, they have fallen into an abyss and its time to cut and run.

    Links did not work and had to be redone more than once; products in Popshops searches and that came up in GAN's Link Generator were no longer available; tracking was questionable, support even more difficult, and commission rates began to drop.

    Now, this month, they sent out emails informing us of tracking being down, and as far as I know, it may still be. (Sales have virtually disappeared the past several weeks).

    Now, today, the coup de gras: A "new" (yet again) commission structure, that is worse than Walmart's:

    Electronics, Movies, Music, Books and Toys - 2%
    Gift Cards - 0%
    Personal Care Products - 0%
    Baby Care Products - 0%
    All Other Qualifying Products - 5% (This time last year it was 11%)
    And for coupon sites, the zeros are still zero and the 2% and 5% are all 1%

    Time to remove their links, and with all the other GAN problems (several threads on that around the past few days) I have very little reason to stay with GAN at all.

    I wish someone could prove me wrong.

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    I agree, Target used to be a lot better when Amazon managed their infrastructure. Ever since the transition to an in-house website, its been a steady ride downhill.

    Today's e-mail was a real bummer. Note the part about "if you have ever used a target coupon, you are in the lower tier and have to request transfer to the higher tier."

    Note to self, never publish a Target coupon again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by isellstuff View Post
    Note to self, never publish a Target coupon again...
    Note to self...remove any remaining Target links/banners.
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    Any successful relationships I had with GAN merchants died approx 12 months ago. As a network, it went from first to last in six months.. four bars down to one.

    Target reached out a few times in the past, asking me to promote certain coupon codes (mine is a content site) - guess that would have made my site subject to lower commission.

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    Unhappy Target Sales
    For me sales went way down right after Target's site re-design. The sales I am getting now are not only down but the sales I do get is very different than they were before their site change. Different product categories. There is something still not right.


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