The Top 21Signs Your Co-Workers Have Discovered Your Secret Identity

21. The chick from Accounting you slept with the other night has been telling everyone you're faster than a speeding bullet.
20. "Is that a new shirt, Dr. Banner? What happened, did you (snicker) rip the one you had on this morning?"
19. Women ask your advice on getting stains out of spandex.
18. While 12 of your co-workers are seated at the lunch table, one asks you, "Which one among us will betray you?"
17. The guys in IT have routed all your project update e-mails to your other "work" address:
16. In the middle of the budget meeting, Carol yanks off your glasses and yells, "Ha! I told you guys!"
15. Some joker keeps slapping Bush/Cheney bumper stickers on your invisible plane in the employee parking lot.
14. "Kryptonite burritos again? How about a courtesy flush over there?"
13. When the microwave is broken, they ask you to stare really hard at their popcorn bag for a few minutes.
12.When taking your lunch order, the office gofer asks if you want flies with that.
11.Accidentally endorse a check just ONE time as "Hulk" and that witch in Payroll never lets you forget it.
10.Your supervisor asks if Lord Ghirak, Master Of Elven Mages, could conjure spells from his +7 Tome of Reconfiguration to rid the main server of its demons over the weekend.
9.Your assistant, Kate, will now only answer to "Kato."
8.Well, other than being terribly frightened of Skunk Man's vengeful wrath, why else would every person in the office be avoiding you?
7.You come in one morning to find that everyone else's desk has been moved whip-length away.
6.They keep replacing your miter with a foam Packers cheesehead.
5."While You Were Out: Mr. DARK CLAW of AXIS OF CHAOS called re: FOOLISH DO-GOODER! Message: You and your Council of Justice are DOOMED! UWAHAHAHAHAAA! Rec'd: Sheri, Front Desk."
4.You've been reassigned from Human Resources to Superhuman Resources.
3.Your invitation to the office holiday party says you may bring a spouse, domestic partner or naive young sidekick.
2.They compare notes and realize you've worn the same clothes every day. For more than 50 years.

and Number 1 Sign Your Co-Workers Have Discovered Your Secret Identity...

1.That bat guano didn't get on your desk by itself.