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    Question Paid PR Distribution Website - Results?

    I was wondering has anyone ever used a paid PR distribution site like PRWeb, PRNewswire, etc. to distribute a press release?

    If so, did it help bring traffic to your site? What type of results did you receive from doing this?

    I'm looking in trying a "paid" over a "free" PR distribution site because I believe the paid sites have better connections and distribution channels into journalists than a free site would have. For people who have used both "paid" and "free" PR sites did you see better results from the "paid" sites?

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    Its been years and used to use PRWeb's paid service. Got great backlinks with anchor text. Not sure how Google would view that now.

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    Chuck is right in questioning the viability in today's search environment. They may be considered paid backlinks by the latest ranking alogorithms, which is couter-productive.
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    Services like PRNewswire push your press release to hundreds of news websites within minutes. However, most the of the websites that your PRs get pushed-to bury their press releases so deep that google rarely finds them. So basically, you've got a bunch of new backlinks, but google isn't going to find them any time soon.

    We've seen social bookmarking work in helping to get these pages found (we heavily book mark the PR pickups) but the value of the links ends up being fairly low.

    I wouldn't worry about Google viewing these as paid. I don't think they can efficiently sniff these out and know for sure which are paid and which are just picked up. Just my opinion though.

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    I use PRbuzz and its been working fairly well. You are allowed 5 links/anchor texts and every time I've released a PR I've seen improvement in my rankings.

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    You'll still see noticeable results with sites like PR-web even after Panda on sites with less robust link profiles, and for less competitive keywords. You'd be surprised how many sites pull content from PRweb too- so there's always the off chance of some actual "organic" links too.

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    Paid press release sites are always better : they provide a better delivery, higher PR and more backlinks.

    At least, this is what I can judge from my personnal experience.

    In my experience I think Live Trading News offers the best financial press release service.

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