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    This is pretty fun. I got 5.

    Warning: if you like Bush you may not be as into it.

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    Cool game idea. But where is the "Give Kerry a Brain" game? Hundreds of news reports claim that Bush scored higher on his IQ and other tests than Kerry did.

    (I found the article above to be the most concise and to the point compared to all the related articles talking about the smarts and test scores of both candidates)

    Pretty interesting, eh!?
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    Yeah Bush IQ is higher he also scored higher on his SATs according to the NT Times
    Pus is in the top 95% and Kerry is in the lower 95%

    They aren't seperated by much though.

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    And they're both related to Dracula...

    and Bush is descended from the French...

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    Bush is in the top 95% of IQs? Wow. What does that make him then, NOT a cretin?

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