Rakuten LinkShare Mobile Platform Testing Drives M-Commerce Performance Marketing Opportunities for Advertisers and Publishers

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New York -- June 28, 2012 -- Rakuten LinkShare, the first performance marketing network to fully embrace mobile commerce, today announced it has completed a new round of rigorous testing on today’s most popular mobile devices and platforms including Apple iOS for iPhones and iPads.

The comprehensive testing and validation of its tracking technology assures advertisers and publishers in the Rakuten LinkShare network they will be credited for mobile transactions on a variety of devices. It also enables them to develop long-term, successful partnerships that will further drive mobile and tablet sales and transactions.

“Rakuten LinkShare is a true thought leader and partner when it comes to mobile commerce and affiliate marketing,” said Ben Choi, CEO of CoffeeTable, the leading iPad Catalog Shopping app. “This testing is important because it helps advertisers understand where they need to invest in mobile to optimize for the affiliate channel and it helps us understand which advertisers are ready to track mobile transactions today and on which platforms.”

The testing was performed on the Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Blackberry. The results show that advertisers are increasingly focused on m-commerce as over 500 advertisers tested within the Rakuten LinkShare network are now successfully tracking mobile transactions on one or more platforms and devices. Examples of advertisers in the Rakuten LinkShare network tracking mobile transactions from all platforms and devices tested include drugstore.com, and Sierra Trading Post.

Rakuten LinkShare’s commitment to m-commerce is aligned with the growth of its performance marketing networks around the world, the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the continued growth of m-commerce. Specifically, more than 100 brands joined the Rakuten LinkShare networks in the US, Canada, the UK and Japan in the first quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, mobile devices have achieved greater worldwide market penetration than bank accounts, safe drinking water and electricity¹. Further, tablet commerce is expected to see continued growth as forecasts predict that one third of U.S. adults will own a tablet by 2015². Along with the rise of tablets and mobile device adoption is the anticipated surge in m-commerce, which is expected to reach $31 billion by 2015³.

“In 2010, Rakuten LinkShare broke ground as the first performance marketing network to fully test and validate mobile commerce transactions on behalf of its advertisers and publishers,” said Yaz Iida, chief executive officer of LinkShare. “As the m-commerce landscape continues to evolve and grow, mobile commerce will be an important part of the future of performance marketing and it has become a clear differentiator for us as emerging and established brands increasingly choose the Rakuten LinkShare network.”

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Rakuten LinkShare Corporation provides e-commerce businesses with a vast, high quality pay per action marketing network, along with expert consultative services and patented technology. Rakuten LinkShare's cost-efficient pay per action (PPA) affiliate marketing network, search marketing programs and lead generation campaigns acquire new customers, increase revenue and drive results. Rakuten LinkShare clients are Fortune 500 and prominent companies doing business online, including J.C. Penney, 1-800-Flowers.com, American Express and Avon Products. Rakuten LinkShare was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa, London and Tokyo. For more information, please visit: Affiliate Programs - LinkShare.

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¹Source: Chetan Sharma Technology & Strategy Consulting

²Source: Why Tablet Commerce May Soon Trump Mobile Commerce. Forrester Research, July 2011.

³Source: eMarketer