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    This is not funny but I'll bet the posts from Some ABW members will be.

    "Spit" — spam over Internet telephony — is beginning to surface as more people make phone calls over the Internet instead of regular phone lines, security experts say.

    Spit isn't much of a problem now, "But it will be," says Pierce Reid at Qovia, which develops products to manage voice networks.

    Marketers can program their computers to send 1,000 voice messages a minute over Internet-telephony technology, according to one recent Qovia test, Reid says. The company has filed patents for software products to thwart spit.

    Web-based phone systems ensnared in spam will "trash voice-mail systems," says Michael Osterman, an independent Internet researcher. "You can easily delete 100 spam text messages. But try to weed through a voice-mail system filled with 100 unsolicited pitches. That's a pain."

    USA Today

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    can everyone spell Adwhores ???
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    with spit on it! YUMM!
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