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    Anybody get one of these? I just got a performance incentive bonus in my reports but only had 3 sales all of last year and none this year, and i couldn't find anything about any incentive. Anybody have any info?

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    Yes, strange one here too. I received a performance incentive bonus yesterday for and haven't had a sale with them in many months. In looking back at my reports, I've only had 2 sales with them and that was in the first half of 2002.

    They currently don't have an incentive going and I don't know if they did in the last 3 or 4 months but the incentive bonuses showing up right now I believe should be covering December sales activity.

    I wrote Palm asking why I was getting it but haven't heard back yet. It was small enough that if it was a mistake and it's reversed, then I won't cry about it but if it was for sales that I didn't get credit for, then I want to know and I want them posted to my account.

    Isn't the performance incentive bonuses done by CJ's software automatically based on the reports and what the merchant has set up? The merchant doesn't have to figure up the bonuses and post them manually do they?

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    I made a couple thousand impressions for car toys and sent them gobs of targetted traffic.

    After three months of no sales, I dropped them like a bad habit. I do much better with Parts Express.

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    I suspect the sales were hijacked by some BHO, who have CJ tracking the referral originator. A glitch in their program still credits the originator of the sale with the bonus. I'm sure the BBO thefware folks are making them correct this ASAP.

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    I also note that Brembo Brakes now have a 3 month and 7 day EPC of $0.00 and a network earnings rating of zero.

    Stealing traffic? sales have also plummeted.

    Hello CJ?

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