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Five For Friday ? July 9-13, 2012

As is our usual Friday fare, here are five of the week’s most interesting and important news items:

1. The Facebook Tweak That Killed a Billion-Dollar Industry — CNN Money discusses Facebook’s decision to remove tabs and the overall effect of the timeline redesign that preceded this latest move.

2.* RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2012 Released — Mark Ballard at RKG reports on the details of the second quarter 2012 Digital Marketing Report, focusing on paid search.

3.* Google+ Roundup From I/O — The Google+ Developers Blog has a nice summary post with links to the major items from their recent I/O event. A good spot to catch up on recent Google+ developments (no pun intended), including a link to details on the Google +1 Recommendations launch.

4.* Were You Hit By Negative SEO? — Dr. Pete at SEOmoz talks about negative SEO, how you can tell if it’s been at work on your site, and what to do about it.

5.* Bing Search Quality Insights: Friends and Experts — The Bing Team reveals a little about how they are integrating social into search by what they call “people results” — using results from influential people and your known friends to improve the relevancy of results returned from search queries. One of my favorite parts of the post — “For example, Kim Kardashian is influential on Twitter but probably won’t appear for the query ‘machine learning.’”

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone!


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