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    Question How to get started with affiliate marketing
    Hi everybody,
    I read about online business and I am very interested in affiliate marketing. I need an education in it but I am very confused on how to go about it. Please need some help (starting from scratch).

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    Try reading the stickies at the top of the forum like this one that relates to getting started.

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    Shawn Collins has some great training on his blog and You tube channel for beginners

    Affiliate Newbies

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    +1 on Shawn's site. It's practical, easy to follow, it works, and it's free. I actually send a link to it on my "decline" email in hopes that it will help some people get on the right path.
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    Geno's blog is also a great spot for information. I'm in the same boat as you and just getting started out. Geno can help with both Affiliates and Affiliate Managers.

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