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    Shareasale and Wordpress for Affiliates
    Hi everyone. I have a blog that I built from the ground up. Im finally getting around to adding some affiliate marketing. I chose shareasale as it was highly recommended. However, I am having issues getting the ads to show up on the site. Just wondering if I need to download a special plug in.

    As per the instructions, I am copying and pasting the ad code into the sidebar,header,footer and it doesnt seem to work.


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    If you have your own hosted site there are some wordpress datafeed plugins out there - though I can't recommend one over the other.

    I know sellfire has a wordpress plugin that works with their free account if you are looking for datafeeds. I am sure that the other top datafeed sites like popshops and datafdr also have wordpress tools that work with ShareaSale

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    No special plugin should be required for ShareASale links - they are just HTML - what theme are you using? Are the areas you mentioned widgetized? If so, you could just drop a text widget in and copy and paste the SAS code into those text widgets. Are you using any ad serving widgets/plugins ?
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    SAS provides a number of features for advertising and as has been proviously said you just drop the HTML code into a posting, page or with the use of a widget.
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