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4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Few apps have caused as much of a marketing buzz in the last 12 months as Instagram. Proving that the simplest ideas are usually the best, Instagram is nothing more complex than a photo sharing tool. It incorporates a couple of photo-specific features such as filters to make images appear sharper or brighter, plus a few added extras which can make pics retro cool with sepia-style effects.

Since its inception in October 2010, Instagram gathered fans apace, reaching the cool 10 million mark in less than 18 months of operation. Couple this with Facebook’s audacious $1 billion acquisition bid and it’s easy to see why it is the most-talked-about photo sharing platform of the year.

Just as with Twitter a few years ago, being savvy about your social media marketing means you can ride the wave of Instagram’s popularity while it’s still at its peak. Anyone in your organization with an iPhone can get involved, and with easy posting of images to Facebook and Twitter, there is no excuse not to experiment.

Using Instagram is quick and simple, with none of the jargon associated with Twitter and none of the richness of options of Facebook. Take a picture, upload. But just like Facebook and Twitter, there is little point dedicating time to maintaining an Instagram account unless it can be justified by a respectable follower count. As with Facebook likes and Twitter follows, Instagram fans are a barometer by which you can expand your brand’s reach. Building followers means increasing brand penetration and audience exposure. Here’s how you can go about it:

1.* Slowly But Surely

You probably don’t update your company blog five or six times a day. Ditto with your Facebook page and Google + Business page. The same “slowly but surely” approach can be applied to your Instagram updates. Drip feeding great photos is a better approach than uploading a batch of six or seven all at once and then not posting anything for two weeks, because you have used all of your best material.

2.* Practice Makes Perfect

When updating your own Facebook page or sending pics to friends via email or SMS, there is no harm in including ones that are slightly blurry, of random objects, or have a few heads chopped off. While powerful and of a similar quality, using an iPhone camera is slightly different to using a traditional camera. Take time to familiarize yourself with the phone’s settings, such as how to turn the flash on and off so that you can do it in an instant and not miss a great shot.

Being comfortable with how the camera works and taking time to appreciate how to get the best out of it will make your pictures demonstrably better and free you up to be creative with your shots – a surefire way of creating buzz.

3.* Pursue Popularity

Keep an eye on what kinds of images make the “popular” list and which ones elicit the most likes and comments. They may be of interesting angles, use quirky filters, show interesting perspectives or pop with bright colors. Keep a note of which ones stand out and which techniques, angles and tools have been used – can you introduce any of these elements to your own images? Set yourself a challenge – if you sell bottles of wine for example, how can you snap your bottle from a fresh new angle? What ways — other than standard label-facing shots — can you use to make your brand stand out?

4.* Make Friends

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to gaining Twitter followers or Pinterest follows is simply to follow other users. This same tried-and-tested technique can be applied to Instagram. Try actively seeking out those behind shots that align with your industry, as well as accounts from brands in other industries that your own target market may feasibly also like.

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