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    Lightbulb Can i use multiple affiliate links for the one product?
    It is possible or even feasible to apply for 100 different affiliate links for the one product and then email your contact list (of 100) the links, but a different link goes to each contact so you know who made the purchase (since you know who that link was sent to) and by virtue can thank them for it in a follow up etc. Is there an easier way i.e. using tracking codes or other? Thanks.

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    You don't apply for 100 different links.. you apply to one program, and then, depending on both the network and program, create unique tracking for the same link (ie. the link will land on the same merchant URL, but will capture the unique identifier assigned to each user in the network interface).

    As to "how" you would do that - it's custom programming that probably won't be answered in a discussion forum, but each network provides information on this "unique" identifier. For example, at Linkshare, it's called "Signature" - LinkShare Publisher Help Center :: LinkShare Signature Overview

    It's not difficult to implement if you have some tech skills (with respect to your own site), but there is no "canned" solution. If this isn't clear, you may want to post the job on a freelance coding site, or find a developer who will assist.

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