This "Twas" poem re-confirms to advertisers that affiliate marketing remains the best way to garner customer acquisition!

Twas mere days before Christmas,
and you still had advertising capital.
So you bid on keywords,
at MSN and, yes, also at Google

Soon a thousands bucks,
are gone in a minute.
Hope you were wise,
and specified a limit.

You dash to your data file,
to see what your money bought.
You barely broke even,
did it come as a shock?

You scratch your head wondering,
how other companies fair so well.
You call and write,
begging them to tell.

From across the internet,
competitors give their reply.
Keyword bidding, they say,
isn't always the best ROI.

Count all your keyword clicks,
and how many are converting.
There's much to applaud,
about affiliate marketing.

Only when you gain a customer,
do you pay a commission.
It's a strategic method,
to increase your acquisition.

Traffic delivery may be slow,
but your money is used wiser.
And the customers you gain,
are often much, much better.

To increase affiliate interest,
forget search engine positions.
And divert your keyword money,
to offer affiliates more commissions.

Then as targeted search traffic,
clicks your ad on their web page.
Unless they submit your application,
you have absolutely nothing to pay.

As their voices fade,
and you realize the fact...
You wish you could get,
all your keyword bucks back!

We are fully aware and value the power of our affiliates, and we never hesitate to remind our clients of that fact!

David Hurlbert, Business Manager
Financial Affiliate Marketing