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    Best way to attract Target audience
    Hi All,

    So I have built a site , wrote the right things in title , H1 and meta tags.
    I pay for google ads , and even some of my really good friends were nice enough to do "share" on FB.

    Now , I have really nice content which I update constantly (let's call it a conten-related blog).
    Thing is , each post of the blog is targeted to different audience.

    Let's assume it is a coupon site , and each time the coupon is for something else.
    Once it is for a TV set , and the other time it is for dog food.

    What is the best way to address those specific audiences :
    1.Videophillic-Audiophiilic audinece in the first post ,
    2.Dog owners in the second post.

    Will it be mailing lists , forums , blogs ?
    What is the best way to create contact with the above ?

    What is the best way to "spread the rumor" for a specific audience?



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    Here's one approach, others probably will have different ideas

    I'd have a main site with sections.

    I'd set up a blog for 3 themes would be 3 blogs.

    You might have sections for sporting equipment, home treadmills, fitness,
    and bottled water ==> all of those topics could be blended into a blog with a
    fitness theme.

    Then people reward themselves for their fit, buff bodies with new clothes ==> that could be a blog theme, fashion

    A site can reach different markets but the webmaster probably has an overall theme in mind.

    I think a main site & 3 blogs can be done. I think it's difficult to maintain more.

    I think mailing lists are better once you really have an established audience not when you are trying to get together one.

    An interesting blog post that tells a "story" within that blog post with links to various products in your main site is a great way to get people to become aware of your main site. Your main site can concentrate on the products and the blog draws viewers in.
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    Smile 3 sections

    Thanks for your response.
    Considering the site does not promote products or items.
    It promotes a healthier consumption culture.

    Healthier consumption is in all life aspects.
    So each post might be on a different product , and on a different life aspect.

    So I would say the 3 sections solution you have just made might work in narrower sites with a few lines of interest.

    The problem is when the interest is wide.
    Let's take ebates as an example , and ebates blog as the posts .

    Each post is on a specific item or interest while the site covers everything everywhere.

    Looking for a marketing solution to the above problem.



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