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    Had to share this one. Today I saw in my logs, a search for "Black Japanese Girl," and in the same search string, "Black Japanese." I wondered how on Earth a person found my site by searching for this!

    Finally curiosity won out, so I pasted the referring URL into the browser, and I find that it's a Japanese-language SE. Many of the sites are in English, though, and there's quite a few porno results.

    BUT, being Japanese, the searcher apparently doesn't understand US slang like c*ck and p* they went down the list until they found something they thought they recognized.

    My listing for Bonsai BOY...which mentioned a "Black Japanese" and then, further on in the blurb, the word "pinus." It doesn't mention "girls" but I guess they thought if there's a boy there's going to be a girl doing something with him...

    I imagine they were highly disappointed to find a page showing "Black Japanese Pines" and that a "pinus" (note the spelling ) is really just the Latin genus name for PINE trees!!!
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    You know though,it might be something to keep in mind when people add keywords and such to their tags. Most of us wouldn't think the way a non English would.

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