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    Re: Sahs?
    Hiya Folks,
    I am doing a bit of research on ShopAtHome's toolbar application which they (SAHS) maintain is accepted by major networks and is on the up and up. I have noticed that the toolbar does the following:
    • Overwrites Existing Affiliate Coupon Codes
    • Redirects on search results (both PPC and Organic)
    • Redirects on direct-type

    When asked, SAHS stated that we could add a snippet of code with an "&asfrc=1" to all our links to block the toolbar from activating.

    Does anyone have experience with this type of parameter? Does it work 100% of the time to disable the toolbar? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AffiliateManager_IDS View Post
    When asked, SAHS stated that we could add a snippet of code with an "&asfrc=1" to all our links to block the toolbar from activating.
    Yech! Why do people have to opt out of this stuff?

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    You may want to ask what it will do to your cookie life by adding in that code.
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    I'm not sure that I know of ANY network that approves of the behaviors that you've described. And frankly, I have to agree with Herb, why should it be your responsibility to keep them honest?

    SAH did not design a toolbar with the behaviors that you've described just for fun. They did it so that they could cheat merchants and other affiliates out of their commissions. I fail to see how they add any value.

    I personally steer clear of any program that allows toolbar "affiliates".

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