With the Summer Games finally here, Bitdefender is proud to announce the first major discounted campaign on their newly released 2013 products for their oneNetworkDirect affiliates.

Affiliates can promote Antivirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security 2013 (3PCs 1YR) at a sensational 30% off in the US, AU and UK locales – a superb deal, expires August 28th.

Offers are not available in the stores – only via dedicated landing pages or direct to cart so please see below which will detail the links you need.

*Remember, the US/AU and UK programs are separate so affiliates will need to sign up to both and pick up the right creative for their desired locale.

To sell in the US and AU locales, sign up by clicking here.

If you prefer to sell in the UK, register your affiliation to the UK program here

To send users to the 2013 range, please login and pick up the following links under 'Get Links' where you can direct traffic to the Summer Games Landing Page of your choice.

Bitdefender US Summer Games Landing Page - CREATIVE ID 550538

Bitdefender AU Summer Games Landing Page - CREATIVE ID 550536

Bitdefender UK Summer Games Landing Page - CREATIVE ID 550539

Got questions? Email us direct at Bitdefenderaffiliate@digitalriver.com