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VMware Fusion 4 works with OS X Mountain Lion!

The VMware Fusion team is very excited about the recent launch of OS X Mountain Lion and we hope you and your customers will be pleased to know that VMware Fusion® 4.1.3 works with Mountain Lion. Chosen by Macworld as the best way to run Windows on a Mac, VMware Fusion 4 makes running Windows on a Mac a breeze.

When considering an upgrade to Mountain Lion, all that is needed is ensure your copy of VMware Fusion 4 is up-to-date using VMware Fusion > Check for Updates, and update VMware Fusion to version 4.1.3 to run smoothly on OS X Mountain Lion.

We offer several options to promote VMware Fusion 4, log on to oND today to start promoting Fusion and capitalize on the OS X Mountain Lion launch.

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