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    wordpress and blogger
    I'm a newbie in blogging world. Which is better blogging platform wordpress or blogger. Any ideas or experience which one is more advantage?

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    Please search the forum before you ask general questions, this topic has been discussed a number of times..

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    thanks again teezone sorry as well. Now reading the old post.

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    Charles the great thing about Blogger is that you can use it to practice newly acquired skills, it certainly helped me at first. Now I only use WP.
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    If you want the best opportunity and most control buy a domain, get a share hosting account and install Wordpress.

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    thanks the ideas guys, I will keep all that in mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    If you want the best opportunity and most control buy a domain, get a share hosting account and install Wordpress.
    Chuck is absolutely right, especially if you eventually want to earn money from your blog/site.
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    You need to buy a hosting account and use the free one click install to set up WordPress - Blogger and can interfere with your affiliate marketing efforts by scraping the tracking from your code... it's actually against terms on unless you use their paid version (which is at least $30 more expensive than an account with HostGator or BlueHost) Don't waste any time on the free platforms.

    Use of free platforms will also impact your approval rate. Many affiliate managers won't approve applications Blogger, or other free hosting domains.
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