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    AdSense - what's involved in getting an account?
    I've got a bunch of web sites, right now, that generate a small amount of money via AdSense. However, the account is in a business partner's name and I know nothing about how you get get approved - and I've heard varying things. I've heard that you need an LLC, and, I've heard that's not true. Though my business partner has an AdSense account I really don't want to broach the subject with him. Actually, I've asked him some broad questions and he's been evasive...

    He was certain he could sell my web designs and, because I had a bad back, I quit working at a furniture store to work with the guy. He sold one website design - in almost two years (for $500.00). He has fronted me some money, so I owe him....up to a point. But, at some point, I do not want to write tutorials, editorials - create hundreds and hundreds of pages of content (while hosting everything from my home) and have him get paid for the deal. He's a great guy who contributes virtually nothing to this enterprise, now - he can't write, he can't use FTP, he can't apply a theme to a Wordpress installation - zero. That whole thing is another story - but it's a pretty odd arrangement, at this point. I do everything - he gets what little money we generate. To get back to my original question: What do I need to do to get an AdSense account in my name..? Do I need an LLC. How long does it take to get a site approved? I own some of the domain names. Would there be an issue (with Google) if I switched the code, on a couple, to my own account?
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    I think all you need is a legit site, that you control, to submit to Google.

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