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    Your subject made me chuckle a little this morning. my first though is "...on the rise"? This fraud marketing game has been going on for a long time with advertisers constantly improving their program security and the fraud affiliate stepping up their game.

    As Mr. Glazer said some of this (obviously not all), but some of it can be controlled (or at least caught pretty quickly) if the affiliate manager is actually keeping a close eye on the program. If you look at the program daily, then its actually fairly easy to spot strange occurrences.

    Nice mention Wade, I have been seeing your name all over the place lately. Be careful or you may find yourself a celebrity rubbing elbows with Kim Kardasian or what not!!
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    This article title could have been run everyday since the invention of affiliate marketing online.

    The more total internet users you have, insert a bad economy, and greed and voila this article "becomes" relevant.

    OP, no knock. I do understand your intent to inform.
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