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    Move from WWW to IPTV
    Interesting conversations going on this week on several different fronts. Comments about the move toward what IP TV where cable is replaced with Internet TV. Heard this first via radio on a national program then this morning on a local TV show. The comments were that more and more TV watchers are now cruising the Internet via their TVs and computers, dropping the TV viewing they had been doing.

    It sounds to me like a big opportunity for affiliates to continue to market to consumers. Does a website that is viewed through a HDTV require different formatting like a tablet or mobile. How are cookies tracked, are they eliminated? How does the consumer purchase via credit card, is the same cart used on a PC useable on an IPTV?

    One point that made sense is the viewing of videos from sites like YouTube rather than watching a commercial TV station where you either have to record (DVR) or suffer through commercials. One article spoke about straight to video channel rather than creating another cable channel. I even heard that Larry King is bringing back his show via Internet only.

    What's your opinion? Will Google rule IPTV, will cable TV go away in five years?

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    Because of my schedule I very rarely get to watch TV (except maybe basketball games). I watch many of my favorite shows on my computer (like the daily show) late at night. If I could watch what I want when I want it on a PC, I'd pay for that. This is the same thing as songs on the internet. The brick and mortar industries are having a hard time dealing with this shift away from what they normally do to an internet centric culture. They have maybe one or two more generations before most things are being done on IP.
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