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    SMS: Should I Submit My Site To Directories?
    Search Marketing Standard has just published the following:

    Should I Submit My Site To Directories?

    If you ask a group of SEO experts about the value of directory submission for SEO you will probably get a variety of answers.* Some may have eliminated the practice from their link building strategy entirely since many directories were de-indexed with the Panda update that targeted quality content.* Others may still rely on it to varying degrees but may limit the number of directories that they submit to or only submit to directories that are niche-specific.* While itís true that directory submission* is no longer a primary SEO technique (the focus now is on creating quality content and social sharing), for certain websites with the following traits, it can still hold some value:

    1.* Sites with very few links

    Since directory links hold very little value, they arenít necessary for sites that have developed a lot of great inbound links naturally.* However, everybody needs to start somewhere.* A site that has very few inbound links may want to incorporate some directory submissions into the strategy.* Itís better than nothing and certainly isnít going to hurt anything.* As time goes on and you are conducting other link building activities that hold more weight, you can scale back on the directory submission.

    2.* Sites that arenít yet trusted

    The primary purpose of building links to your website is to gain search engine trust.* Inbound links serve as a ďvoteĒ for your website.* Another significant indicator of trust is the domain age and length of time that a site has been active.* A website that has aged typically has lots of natural links pointing to it already and directory submissions arenít needed.* However, if your site is relatively new it hasnít achieved that trust yet and inbound links are much more important.

    If your website fits into either of these categories, it doesnít mean that you should just start submitting your site to hundreds of directories.* It doesnít work like that.* The search engines like to see links grow naturally over time.* If you go from 20 links to 200 links overnight, it looks fishy and could raise a red flag.* Submit to a few directories a month and follow these guidelines when determining where to submit:

    1.* Go local

    For a local business, local directory submission is beneficial because local directory listings can rank for a local search.

    2.* Look for traffic

    Check to see if the directory actually gets any traffic to it.* Many directories were created only for SEO and nobody has even heard of them.* Those arenít worth it.

    3.* Go niche

    If you can find a directory that is related to your niche, get your site listed.* Not only does this provide a relevant link for SEO link building purposes, but it is also a place that target audience members are more likely to visit than a generic directory.

    4.* Check the hosting information

    For US-based businesses, avoid directories that are hosted overseas.* Stick to US-based directories of high quality.

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    Thanks for the quality info!

    I have an adult novelty site that I'm marketing. Also, a newbie. Ugh/sigh, so much to learn. Having read your post, sounds like I should 1) find adult directories to list with 2) then find link swapping perhaps 3) then start blogging. Does that sound like a decent starter plan for a newbie with a site that is getting around 60 unique hits per month.

    Oh....and I'm from Ohio. Grew up around Coshocton, OH! Moved to FL 10 years ago. Love it! Love it! Love it! Just need to get this affiliate marketing thing down pat.

    Thanks Again!

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    YEs good, But I do not understand why you want to stick to US Based directories. I think it would limit the visiblity of your site in US along whereas you need to have global openess to drive traffic around the world.OK?
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