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    Smile Affiliate Nexus Tax Law: California and Pennsylvania Updates (PMA)
    The PMA posted a notice of upcoming enactment of the Affiliate Nexus Tax in California and Pennsylvania.

    This could impact publishers who reside in California and Pennsylvania, and advertisers who have affiliate programs in those states. This is preliminary information; details from the states are still pending. The PMA will be issuing bulletins when full details are available.

    • Pennsylvania: The Affiliate Nexus Tax law scheduled to be be reinstated on September 1, 2012.
    • California: The Affiliate Nexus Tax law scheduled to be reinstated on September 15, 2012.

    However there is lobbying underway right now that could impact these dates so stay tuned.

    Read the PMA Blog post!

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    As to CA, we have known since last year that the affiliate nexus tax would go back into effect on Sept 15, 2012, unless by a miracle there was federal legislation effected by August 1. When none was even considered by that deadline, we began preparing for Sept. 15.

    The workaround now in discussions between the Board of Equalization and the PMA would encompass a written agreement to be entered into between individual merchants and affiliates. Thus both groups need to be made aware of this pending amendment to the law's requirements, and be ready to prepare and execute such agreement, so that affiliate relationships between merchants and their California affiliates may continue.

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