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    Female Colors?
    A bit of an odd question, but I am trying to pick a template that appeals to women as that is who I am trying to market to. If you look in my closet, most of my clothing is some shade of blue. I will always pick blue.

    In this case, I am assuming I need to pick a website template that has a white background with some other main accent color. Having a hard time deciding what that accent color should be.

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    So strange that you asked that because my wife and I have been going back and forth on painting a bedroom in our house. I prefer an off white color because less is more. She prefers an off green color.

    I went on-line and did some research for ammunition to take my wife on (because I tend to lose 90% of the time). So interestingly enough there has been a lot of studies on women vs men for colors. Most studies indicate men prefer blue, women prefer green (now these are base colors and there are a million shades for each).

    But Turquoise (blue/green) seem to be preferred by women in general, second is some form of purple. Pink is almost never in the top three (unless the women are pre-teen or teen).

    If I were you I wouldn't mix green and purple, but maybe some version of one of these colors will work for you.

    Meanwhile I think I am going to lose my argument and we will probably go with some form of green.
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    We use green and purple (as an accent) together on nearly all of our sites.

    Four colors:

    White: Primary
    Gray: Regular text
    Green: Important text
    Purple: Highlight/hover/accent
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    Color combinations/schemes/tools to pick them can be seen in
    this thread:
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    Another option
    Might be to test a few options with

    I have fiddled with it a bit and it is quite nice.
    It gives you the ability to measure the conversion for several versions of the same site.

    Not a perfect tool (Ran into some issues when tested on my site) ,but seems to help in decisions as described in this thread.


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    I am not particularly good with colors but from a male point of view (even at nearly 70) there is nothing quite as sensational as the LBD
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    When building female-centered sites I tend to use the pastel shades of violet, yellow, blue, green, etc.

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