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    Ok so I have read a lot about affiliate marketing, and I know I am going to give this a go. I have excellent computer skills, previous experience with web site building, and I learn very quickly. My question is what is the most recommended form of affiliate marketing? I have read about everything from list building to niche sites. As well as combining the two by having a landing page to get subscribers then directing them to the niche site. I have a few different categories that I could use for a niche site, but I want to proceed with the best possible route. I am the type of person that once I set out on an adventure I do not stop until I become very very good at it. Any and all comments and information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site. I am not looking to get rich over night, but if possible to bring in that extra that will allow a little breathing room and the occasional extra vacation. lol

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    A landing page is not just a page to collect subscribers' email addresses.
    Any time I see one of those pop-up pages asking for my email I close the page
    & run - I never go back.

    A landing page is a page that converts to the marketing action
    desired such as the consumer clicking on a product picture/link & buying
    the product from the merchant site etc... but don't take my word for it,
    take Tim Ash's word:
    Tim: A landing page is not necessarily a stand-alone page. My definition of a landing page is pretty broad: any page where traffic lands on the way to a measurable conversion action. This can be a stand-alone page, a micro-site, or a page deep within a larger site.
    Conversion Heroes Part 7: Landing Page Optimization – An Interview with Tim Ash | Unbounce
    There's no magic route for affiliate success.

    You need a site with good design, you need a focus -- what makes you want to visit other sites and/or buy from them?
    You need something special about your own site and no one can tell you what that is.

    Also, I wouldn't worry about a marketing/email list until you have something really good to offer people. Build the site first and then start a list.
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    Do some keyword research around a niche you want to market. Buy a domain that relates but don't keyword stuff it. Sign-up for low cost hosting, some will give you a free domain with it. Make sure its Wordpress friendly and install Wordpress. You may want to shop for a theme first that gives you the functionality but that is not necessary.

    Now that you have built a site, start writing copy focusing on long tail terms that may not get you a ton of traffic but it will be focused traffic. Write for the reader and use common sense to your layout, navigation and page names.

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    Just for inspiration, here are the top 5 Welcome Landing Pages
    from Webby Awards:

    5+ Best Welcome Landing Pages from Webby Awards | CODER-DESIGN
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    Interested in tools, tips, & tutorials for better design?

    tripwire magazine

    Great online tools:
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