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An Additional Benefit Of SEO Link Building

An SEO campaign can essentially be broken down into three phases.* The first phase involves competitor, market, and keyword research.* Next, is the on-site optimization phase.* During this phase, each individual page of a website is optimized by incorporating relevant keywords and keyword phrases into the content and meta tags of each page. This tells the search engine spiders what that page is about so that people searching for those keywords or keyword phrases can find your page.

While on-site optimization is important, it’s the third phase of an SEO campaign that really gives a website the “boost” that it needs in the eyes of the search engines.* The third phase is link building.

The number of quality inbound links pointing to a website is an indicator of trust to the search engines.* Since the search engines ultimately want to provide users with the best possible results, they consider this link “trust factor” when ranking a site.* While this should be enough reason to start a link building campaign, it also has an additional benefit.* Link building helps to improve a brand reputation in the search engines and online in general.

A brand reputation online can really make or break you.* Think about it.* When people are looking for more information about your company or the products or services that you provide, where do they go?* Sure, they may ask trusted friends, family members, or colleagues, but they are also going to turn to the Internet to find out more.* More specifically, they are going to turn to the search engines.* Today, a business really needs to be aware of how they are being perceived online.

A positive online reputation can really contribute towards the success of a business and a negative online reputation can essentially kill it.* In addition to building trust with the search engines, link building items can establish trust with target audience members and serve as proactive reputation management measures.

Many businesses make the mistake of not worrying about their online reputation until something goes wrong.* This kind of “reactive” campaign isn’t as effective, because the damage has already been done.* An ideal online reputation management should start as soon as you begin building your online presence, which should coincide with when you begin thinking about SEO.

There are many ways to build links, but the most powerful links are content based links like press releases, articles, blog posts, and social media posts.* These link building items build a brand, create awareness, and establish trust amongst target audience members while boosting SEO campaign efforts at the same time.* As long as you’ve been building links that are based on good, quality content over time, this content is what will be found by target audience members online.

While mistakes can happen and there is no guarantee that a negative brand comment will be made, as long as there is positive content to outweigh the negative it won’t matter as much.* In fact, if there is enough positive content it’s very likely that the negative content won’t even be seen.

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