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    Default vs Custom Product Descriptions (datafeeds)
    So I am redesigning an old website. The new design will use some products dynamically pulled from my database using a few merchant datafeeds.

    Obviously each item in the feed contains a default description. I assume it would be a good idea to come up with my own descriptions for each item rather than using the default description 1000's of other affiliate sites are using?

    Since I am a programming guy, I sure would be nice to take the default description pass it through an API, which will change some of the words. I guess the big issue there would the converted text still make sense after changing some of the words.

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    The default descriptions will be used by tons of other affiliates
    and won't really add value to your page.

    I am not sure about the term API [what is it?] but I wouldn't run descriptions
    through an automatic thesaurus without examining the results individually.
    Think about online translators: they're okay but still yield funny results and chuckles from the people of the native language you are trying to reach.

    So another suggestion?
    If you are pulling some products [don't pull too many] that are similar to each other you could write an overall page description or something attention-getting on that page that would relate to all the products and catch the attention of the viewer/consumer. The customer's attention would be drawn to the product links you have and that person could look up the default descriptions.

    As an example: let's say you want to sell waffle makers - many of those models are similar anyway. It's best to limit the amount of products per page to avoid distraction. Let's say you show 3 -5 small product pics of waffle makers [those items are usually quite similar] they each have subtle differences but it's better to show them in small groups than focus on one individual -- except if there is an exceptional one then maybe you should also create a focus page for just that one item.

    On a general page of a few I could write: I Love Waffles. Do you love waffles? I Love Blueberry Waffles and here's [a link to] Grandma's recipe.

    You caught their attention, it doesn't matter if you are using default descriptions.

    Write something attention-grabbing that would apply to the small group on your page and then you don't have to worry as much about each individual description.
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