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Big Savings from Autodesk

Coupon Code “AUTODESK150″ saves customers $150 on the following 3 products at check out:

• AutoCAD® LT™ 2013 – Save $150 with coupon code “AUTODESK150″
Create precise 2D technical drawings that you can easily edit, repurpose, and share.

• Autodesk® Inventor LT™2013 – Save $150 with coupon code “AUTODESK150″
Practical and cost-effective way to introduce 3D part modeling into your 2D drafting workflows. AUTODESK150

• AutoCAD® Inventor LT™ Suite 2013– Save $150 with coupon code “AUTODESK150″
Delivers AutoCAD® LT™ and Autodesk® Inventor LT™ together at a remarkable value, providing a cost-effective way to introduce 3D mechanical CAD into your 2D workflows.

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