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    PPC is Losing the Ability to Make You Rich
    I didn't make that statement up either
    Want to read a good source? How about Search Engine Land?

    Industry Survey: PPC Is Losing Ability To Generate Leads

    This says it all:
    SEO continues to be the top lead generating channel among U.S. digital marketers, while PPC’s effectiveness as a lead gen channel is dropping significantly.
    In fact "B2B marketers are even saying that social media marketing is now more effective than PPC as a lead gen channel" - read the article to find out the specifics.

    So the next newbie who tells me that the road to riches are on a squeeze page with PPC will be directed to this post
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    WRONG! PPC isn't Losing the Ability to Make You Rich... it lost the ability several years ago! PPC income has been in a steady nose-dive decline since the %$#&*^# banking industry ruined the economy for soooo many people, causing millions to lose their homes, etc.

    I used to make a very good living with PPC and my highly targeted traffic. I'm now changing over to affiliate marketing and CPA, CPS, etc.

    Get a copy of the Academy Awards winning documentary, "Inside Job", narrated by Matt Damon. You'll be stunned!

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    Thank you, Top Web Names, for sharing your experience.
    So many people that I've come in contact with here love PPC or
    loved PPC so much that I chose a title to break the news gently.

    Thank you for reaffirming the message and telling everyone what
    the real deal is.
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