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    I'm a Canadian, and have been developing web sites since 1992.

    What I've learned over the years is that you have to set yourself up as an American also -- unless you want to get cheated in one way or another. (Now that I live in Russia, having things 'set up properly' is even MORE important...)

    Canadians (or basically ANYONE who is NOT an American) has to pay more for MANY services -- Merchant services especially! Just TRY to set yourself up as a Canadian Merchant -- LOOK OUT for HUGE amounts of money to be demanded UP FRONT for the pleasure.

    To do business on the Internet, you need to have:

    1. Canadian Address
    2. Canadian Bank Account in Canadian Dollars.
    3. A Canadian Cash Card
    4. A Canadian Credit Card
    5. All of this should allow you to set up an "International" PayPal Account

    Note: Forget about a Canadian Bank account in US Currency -- it can't be accessed the same.

    6. A US Address (you have FRIENDS down there who can forward your mail -- don't you?
    7. A US Bank Account in US Dollars (Choose a major bank, you'll have to go personally, be sure to get the cash card on the spot.)
    8. A US Cash Card (a US Credit card is not essential as most US debit cards also work as credit cards)
    9. A US PayPal Account (Use your US Address and a SECOND EMAIL ADDRESS to set this account up.)
    10. You can then link your Canadian PayPal account with your US Bank Account
    11. A 2Checkout merchant account.

    This is everything I've needed to operate internationally for the past 5 years.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you want to cause yourself tremendous GRIEF -- DO NOT -- REPEAT -- DO NOT EVER try to access your PayPal accounts while travelling unless you are 110% certain that the country you are in is NOT in PayPal's 'black list'. Doing so will result in your account getting LOCKED OUT -- and with PayPal's service -- when it happened to me it took THREE MONTHS to get it UN-BLOCKED.

    12. A server in Canada or the USA you can access via Terminal Services remotely -- this way, no matter where you travel, you open up a remote session to the server, and run the web browser to your PayPal account from there. This prevents the previously mentioned problem.

    Another note: DO NOT use PayPal to transfer money between currencies! They'll rape you on the exchange rate and extra fees. Also try to have Canadian customers pay you on the International account and other customers pay you on the US account. I never had any luck in getting a US credit card. Your mileage may vary. Most want a US SSN.

    Unfortunately, even though you CAN get a US SSN if you go down there -- the number will NOT VALIDATE with any of the automated checking systems. (Again, the yanks are making anyone not born there suffer -- even giving them a 'second class' bloody social security number!)

    Best of luck!

    PS: I operate an affiliate program -- payable in Canadian or US dollars direct to your PayPal account! Download the eBook from the site and you can read about it.

    Marty R. Milette, P.Prog.
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    Well, it's unfortunate that you've also given in to Americanism by offering prices in US Dollars only!

    Shop Online in Canadian Dollars

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    Seems like they want to restrict it to US businesses only and you lie and cheat to circumvent this.

    Well, I don't know what to think about it. I can understand your desire to be a part of the US economy and do business here. That is a reasonable thing to want. But, you aren't a US citizen or resident and apparently are not entitled to that privilage with PayPal.

    I do not know the reasons or if I would agree or disagree with them. It may have something to do with paying US taxes. Do you pay US taxes?

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!

    Farewell, CJ! I loved you when you were young and pure. I will try to remember you that way. Disclaimer: Comments are to be interpreted as opinion unless otherwise noted.

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    No one said you couldn't start your own payment system.

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    If a merchant or a country has the ability to make a product so superior in price/performance/quality that it can demand international and US market share it will prosper via ecommerce.

    Problem in freeing up the flow of merchandizing exchange money is 90% of the world's consumers do not want what you are offering and sure don't want the international cybercriminals raping their bank accounts.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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