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    Are Affiliate Directories Worthwhile?
    Is it worth the effort in getting one's affiliate program listed in "Affiliate Directories"?

    One the one hand, it can't hurt. On the other, there are a lot fo them and perhaps it is a wasted effort.

    Are there actual benefits to these directories? Are affiliates really checking out the directories for relevant merchants/programs?
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    It depends, if it's just a random directory you are simply paying for link juice. At that point probably not worth it.

    If you can list your program on a directory type site that already has a vast amount of affiliate traffic then it becomes a different ball game. Not only will you get the link juice, but you can also begin to get targeted traffic to you actual listing, something 95% of the directories can't provide.

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    To be honest, I didn't have much luck with them, but this doesn't mean anything... I tried to list our program on most of the bigger directories. This was a while ago - so probably will try to go back and refres them a bit..
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    If your program is not ranked and obscure then it may be worth the effort. Last time I checked there were 80b directories but that has been several years. Most established affiliates search the networks but you may get some newbies from the directories.

    Before you invest the time make certain that you have an affiliate program landing page (pitch page), social networking page(s) and that your program description is tuned.

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    We'll be closing our directory down in the coming weeks.

    As Chuck mentioned, the majority of affiliates (producers) will find programs through the networks and even contact merchants directly...
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    I haven't looked at a directory in years. Chuck is correct about how the more serious affiliates will find programs. I'll add that I also find connections/contacts at Affiliate Summit.
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    Funny you should ask. Not too long ago as many as 18% of affiliates were finding out about affiliate programs through affiliate directories. Per the most recent (2012) AffStat Report, however, under 2% are (see page 19, "Other"). The most important ways to "find out about new affiliate programs" are now affiliate network listings/directories (18%) and merchant's website (16%).

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    Also by joining the networks you get their new program announcements, seasonal newsletters, blog posts, etc.

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    I'd skip the directories and focus on getting on the networks or approaching affiliates on forums.

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