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    Anyone know or recommend any good developers who understand Avantlink deal feeds?
    I need to do some updates ... I did a major site redesign but I am having a hard time getting the Gear section to match up appropriately.


    Gear: Outdoor Gear Directory - Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Cycling

    I tried updating templates but it looks like shit. !

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    AlpineZone is an excellent site that's been in the network for a while. I do know the former owner configured a bunch of web service datafeed subscriptions that run dynamically... which is linked to in the original post above.

    Is that what you're looking for help on? If so, then whoever does the work will have to be able to edit the css & html on the template.html file, which lives on the web server for each subscription. CLICK HERE for more info on this tool.

    AZ, in case you don't realize the display will be somewhat limited with the packaged solution. If you want to have your gear section completely customized than you'll need to look at either importing the raw datafeed files to manipulate as you see fit, or using our API to access the product data.

    I have emailed a contractor I know that's been doing some technical work for another large Affiliate site on the network. If he's interested in chatting I'll send him your way.

    Gary M

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    AZ, I just heard back from the contractor. He would be interested in talking to you, but he's not going to have time to commit to a project until November or December.

    If that time frame works for you let me know, and I'll connect you two.


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