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    Hello fellow Canadians!,

    We are brand new merchants selling new and vintage automatic watches.

    We sell to just as many Canadians as we do Americans because Canadian Duty fees are very expensive. This saves most Canadians the hassle of the extra expense.

    We are a unique market niche, and maybe you can use the Canadian (No Duty) Angle advertising our popular watches.

    Canadians are more than welcome to join our program.

    We are 100% dedicated to affiliates!

    Richard Lupu (Son of Master Watchmaker)

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    Winterpeg, the Mosquito Capital of Canada
    Find a way for me to show Canadian prices and I have a Canadian site I could list you on.


    Make a difference! Support your local Cancer Care providers.

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    Hello Walleye,
    Small world! I see we both live in Winterpeg. 5 cm of snow tomorrow. Bummer.

    All of our electronic payment methods are in US dollars, but we have accepted Canadian Funds by way of Money Order or even personal cheques (Canadian Spelling). We convert the US dollar amount to Canadian based on the current US/Canadian Conversion given by the Bank of Canada.

    All sales are tracked because I ask every customer to identify the affiliate ID that they will see on every page of our site.

    I have been an affiliate myself for a few years, and got ticked off by lost sales due to telephone or cheques being sent in. I personally verify every order so I make sure that everybody gets credited.

    Many merchants don't seem to get it....The affiliates are what brings them sales so they have to be rewarded for them. But I am going off on a tangent here.

    What do you suggest we do? Should we have a statement saying to contact us if you wish to pay in Canadian funds? You are an elite member, so I am sure you may have some suggestions.

    Richard Lupu (Son of Master Watchmaker)

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