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    I have narrowed down 4 Networks...please advise.
    Hi Everyone,
    I just got back from Affiliate Summit and I am trying to vet out a few different networks to join. So far i am not part of any network.

    I've narrowed it down to Share a Sale, Linkshare, W4 and LinkConnector.

    Seems like ShareASale has the best reputation among affiliates but what has the best reputation for merchants in the health care industry? I have talked to each sales rep (sometimes twice), and the all say that have a significant amount of affiliates in the "wellness" niche. So not sure who to go to or believe.

    ****Has anyone had any experience with W4, they are a network that says they specialize in my niche but they only have about 3000 active affiliates - a far cry from SAS and LG who boast having 125K!

    The prices are all about the same but i just dont know how to make a final decision. Can anyone help me.

    My product is physical, it retails for about $200 and the commission is 25% (or 50% depending on who i work with. the business models vary slightly b/c some take fees from you total commission and some charge an additional commission)

    I was thinking of joining SAS and W4 and see what they do.

    Thoughts? Help. I have a whole spreadsheet with pros and cons but not sure how to pull the trigger.

    Thanks so much.
    Laura Lugash | Optimal Wellness Labs |

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    Among your four narrowed down networks:

    Linkshare has the most big name merchants and largest affiliate base. It's one of the first networks I joined.

    ShareASale is very popular among ABWers. They have grown over the years. My overall experience with them is positive.

    Linkconnector's interface is hard to work around as far as I can remember a few years back. Maybe they've made changes now.

    Never heard of W4.

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    Never heard of W4.
    Same here, looks CPA offer based not retail rev share like the others.

    I recommend you apply as an affiliate to all four networks and see what affiliates see. I believe that affiliates cluster around competitive programs in a network so if a networks has none of your competitors is of little use.

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