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    Will this plan leave me unsuccessful?
    So guys, after many unsuccessful attempts ( or learning experiences rather ) at learning how to make at least a little pocket change online, I have decided I am going to have to reach out, before I make another fool of myself.

    I have an Idea but before I go out purchasing any domains or hosting, I need some of you experienced guys to tear it apart and change my mind.

    Basically I wanted to dabble a little in Affiliate Marketing. Lets say the product was, a Language learning software.

    I would purchase a domain (I would guess a catchy relevant domain would be suitable)

    Using Clickbank, I would find someone trying to sell their product with Language tools.

    After subscribing and becoming a part of the program, I see yet another page that has pre-built landing pages, created by the Language Tools website for affiliates like myself.

    If I were to apply this pre-built landing page, and use Google Adwords to promote it, would this be such a horrible Idea?

    I do understand that Adwords can be expensive, but are there any other drawbacks to this Idea, and could it work or is it a bad idea?

    Thank you guys,


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    Clickbank -- I've been a member of ABW for many years and to this day I
    do not associate Clickbank with affiliate success. Are there any affiliates
    here who love Clickbank?
    I was doing some research with the search button (a good thing to do, you'll
    see conversations around a topic of your choice) and I came across some
    advice from Davidh:
    Affiliate marketing is a world where you need to blaze your own path in order to realize your own potential. It sounds like you've already got a clue to begin with. The best thing to do is choose offers to promote based upon your own needs and interests; whatever seems like it will be a good match for your site. As with anything, some things will work out for you and some things won't. Learn from your mistakes and concentrate efforts on what proves its potential for you. If you listen to advice from those who recommend based on what "works for them" or based upon who they happen to be chummy with, you're handicapping yourself before you even jump out of the starting gate.
    from the thread
    Directly after that advice there was excellent advice from Bibby:
    Like Davidh said, place offers that match your interests. On my sports blog, I only promote sports related products. In some cases if an article is sport specific, I try to place banners that relate to that sport.

    Like any marketing technique and especially in affiliate marketing, it makes sense to test various campaigns. Try different types of ads and see which seem to drive traffic and convert the best.
    I agree with the above statements. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you can't go on auto-pilot you must really be the master of your fate.
    "... pre-built landing pages, created by the Language Tools website for affiliates like myself" you could incorporate areas into your site but I wouldn't
    depend upon pages for use for everyone solely. You need to have something that distinguishes your site from the others.

    "pre-built landing page, and use Google Adwords to promote it"
    Doesn't sound like you know what you are doing. Go back to start.

    Don't do PPC unless you have some money to gamble with because you could lose your shirt if you don't know what you are doing.

    Good luck
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    Have you researched affiliate programs with rev shares for language programs? Not the phoney 3 foot long sales pages from Clickbank. Also you better have funds for at least 90 days for AdWords as it will take you a month to tweak the ads, then 60 days to get paid.

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    Think about a theme for your site [idea that will bring the pages of your site together and will create a funnel for sales].
    Think about products you'd like to promote.
    Owning a domain name is a good idea.
    Buying hosting from a reputable company is a good idea.
    Learning elements of web design and/or programming is a good idea.

    Most affiliates sign up [for free] with networks like
    Commission Junction, Linkshare, Shareasale, GAN, and others
    that you will read about at ABW.
    Merchants/companies associate themselves with the networks.
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